Dr. Nivaldo Braz da Silva

Dr. Nivaldo Braz da Silva, lawyer, OAB-SP 341702 graduated from Faculdade Estadual do Norte Pioneiro, located in the City of Jacarezinho, Paraná State, Brazil.

Dr. Nivaldo Braz da Silva has dedicated 13 years of his life working as Technical Judicial Clerk at the Court of Justice of the State of São Paulo where he acquired extensive experience in forensic practice and in dealing with the Judicial Standards Criminal, Family, Public Records, Common Shares , Tax Foreclosures, Bankruptcy and concordats.

Gained experience in the area of ​​immigration, family and criminal, where he served for 14 years as a Paralegal (Legal Assistant) at various law firms in the cities of Atlanta and Gainesville, Georgia State - USA.

Dr. Nivaldo Braz da Silva also holds a Masters from the University of Phoeniz, AZ, USA Administration.